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Where keto meets delicious

       I bumped into a friend one night at the grocery store and she looked amazing! "Keto!" she says, "you've got to try keto!"

Without hesitation, I turned to my husband and said "I'm doing this!" I was ready. It was time for a change. 

       I had completely hit rock bottom physically, mentally and spiritually. I could barely walk a lap around the store at work without getting winded. I didn't even enjoy eating anymore because it had become a punishment. I over ate because I hated myself. I drank A LOT, and had absolutely no desire or energy to do anything more than I absolutely had to. Keto saved my soul and maybe even my life.

        I am a simple home cook  with a desire to make people happy with my food. Maybe make their lives a little easier. I am not a flashy cook, but as a good friend said, " you can taste the love in your food". So that's my secret! I cook with love, a sense of purpose and  contentment. 

       I have always loved to cook and make people happy with  my food but I seemed to rarely have that chance. Years ago I had floated the idea around about cooking for my working friends, especially the ones with kiddos, but the offer seemed to taken like an off the cuff remark or met with a with mild consideration and fluffed off. That was until my very good friend told me she had purchased meals through another company offering keto friendly meals. She was very dissatisfied with their portion sizes and the love just wasn't there. 

        My goal is to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of a keto lifestyle (NOT diet!!). And to really enjoy big, healthy, hearty meals. I promise there will be NO rumbling bellies when I am done with  you! 

       One quick point, I am NOT a doctor!! I just know what has been best for me and I am excited to help you reach your goals if keto is the right choice for you. :) Let's just quickly touch on this keto isn't a diet, comment. Yes, that is right. Keto is NOT a diet! Just eating a little and keeping it lite will not allow you to reap the many benefits of keto. You must follow a fairly strict eating plan (your macros) and MUST enter ketosis. Your body then actually fuels itself from its stored fat for energy! YES! You heard me!! And that's when the real fun begins! It is LIFE CHANGING I tell you!!

         I have been doing keto for a year now and I promise I do not exaggerate when I say it has changed my life. So there you have it. Just a teeny look into why I am here to help you be your most fabulous. 

        Please come back and visit my site often! To order food? Yes!  For sure do that! But as I only currently cook locally, I will be updating this site as I add lots of great keto information, nutrition information on all menu items, keto facts & knowledge and start planning custom meals plans for your fabulous self, to get you started on the right track. I plan on coaching too! SO much is coming, so stick around! 




Order Instructions & Refund Policy

  • HOURS: Pick up is available Monday-Saturday between 12-8pm

  • ALL orders MUST be paid in full via e-transfer to when order is placed.

  • Orders must be picked up on agreed upon day, as everything is made fresh to order.

  • Please note: There are NO refunds at this time due to the quick turnaround time from order to pickup and the perishable nature of the product. Please make other arrangements if you are unable to pick up your order personally.

What Keto Delicious has to offer you

keto meal prep, keto cupcakes, gluten free burlington, ontario

Meal Prep

I can cook you 1 meal a week or 7! And don't forget the sides, snacks & desserts! 

keto cupcakes, burlington ontario

Custom meal plans 


I cannot wait to help you on your keto journey! 

keto catering, dips, cookies, meals


Need a few hot, healthy & homey dishes for your next gathering?

I can help with that! 

Keto Delicious

Low Carb Comfort Food

keto friendly meals & treats ~ made for you with love

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